Scottsdale woman black leather jacket

It’s the cool season in Scottsdale, the short season in Arizona when women get to show off the winter ware as it is in the comfortable desert. Here are a few ideas for classy jackets.

Leather is cool and classic, from the black motorcycle look to more showy Western ware complete with fringes. Leather can pair with both casual and more dress-up clothes, and it’s warm without being sweltering. You can get it in just about any color these days.

denim jacket Scottsdale woman


Denim suits the Southwestern look, and can be a perfect throw-on for those casual days when there is a whiff of a chance of a mild chill in the air. The Levi blue is a useful knock-around covering that you’ll see a lot of around Arizona.

 Trenchcoat Scottsdale woman***

The Hollywood trenchcoat a la Bogey and Becall can make relatively ordinary business clothes look elegant, or at least mysterious. It’s largely a covering worn outdoors, but there are plenty of opportunities for that in the Scottsdale winter season.

 Windbreaker Scottsdale woman*


With Scottsdale’s mild winter and laid-back culture, sometimes all you need is a light windbreaker to feel comfortable around the town. They are comfortable, light, hold in body heat, and are easy to pack and carry.

Plush coat Scottsdale woman *

 Winter holidays usually are more robust and elegant for many in Scottsdale, something difficult in this social distancing era. A fur-like plush coat is a classy overcoat that certainly will keep the Scottsdale woman warm.


Blazer Scottsdale woman 

A feminine blazer may be all the Scottsdale woman needs to warm herself, and it’s something that goes well both with professional wear and over more casual slacks. Simple, functional, versatile.

 Parka Scottsdale woman


OK, you’re not likely to need a parka often in Scottsdale, but for those heading up to Flagstaff or skiing in Colorado or Utah, this snuggly bear of a coat will keep most of you toasty warm.

Spangley Scottsdale woman 

Feeling a bit spangley? There still might be opportunity this season to sparkle and shine, so rock a jacket that reflects light and captures attention.

Hoodie Scottsdale woman

When you’re actively working out, running quickly to the store, or just want to relax and hang, nothing is more comfortable and easy than the simple cotton hoodie. It’s more laid back than high-end fashion, but there are times when you just can’t beat the ease and comfort.

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