Defined by style, exuding grace, and championed by empowered women in this cultural hub— Scottsdale’s newest online identity is here, and it’s hot. The women of Scottsdale set the standard for leadership in social circles, business, politics, and education, fused with a savvy appreciation for fitness, health and family. is the expression of these values, the connection to that life, and the source for information and stories that help Scottsdale women engage in, enjoy, and profit from that culture.

Woven into the fabric of Scottsdale’s suburban paradise are scores of luxury spas and salons, exquisite boutiques, and a shopping scene that rivals Rodeo Drive with upscale services delivering everything from the latest hairstyles to the hottest trends in health and fitness. Harmonizing with the luxury retail market, Scottsdale is also known as a leader for healthcare and cosmetic surgery. imparts the culture and curiosities of this grand little city to an audience of women that maintain an incredible buying presence in a market generating over $3 billion in yearly retail sales alone.

There’s been an obvious shift from print to digital promotion. fulfills a long-standing need of a centralized hub for the marketing of Scottsdale’s products, services and everything that uniquely defines it as a city.

This site will bring the Scottsdale style, fashion, dining, shopping and luxury service scene straight to your device. It will introduce you to Notable Women of Scottsdale, including the interesting up-and-comers with lessons and leadership for others similarly inspired.

The website is part of the Scottsdale Digital Group, which will present a dozen or more cultural, informational, and transactional sites for those who live in or near Scottsdale and appreciate its lifestyle, and those who visit here for the same reasons.

These sites expand the reach of the business community and increases accessibility to the market. Readers are treated to an enriched product and service experience, while advertisers now have lower cost/higher impact advertising options. It’s all seamlessly integrated into a beautiful experience that’s both usable and timely.

By integrating social media into the site, the voice of Scottsdale women is amplified in new exciting ways. is more than just a local website; it’s setting the standard for what it means to be the voice of a local culture with global recognition.

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