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Many newcomers to hiking often realize mid-hike that there’s a reason you don’t see hikers wearing your everyday tennis shoes and gym clothes. The type of clothes and shoes you wear out on a hike can make the difference between struggling through your whole hike and feeling unnecessarily uncomfortable or feeling at ease and even staying safer during your hike.

Yet, running out and buying hiking clothes isn’t always as simple as it seems –  many hiking clothes are as drab as the rocks you step over. Loving Nature doesn’t preclude living fashion, too. Not to fear, these hiking clothes will have you both mountain and runway ready for your next hike locally around Scottsdale trails or north up in the mountains.. 

Hiking shoes

No hiker’s closet is complete without the perfect trail shoes, and those shoes are rarely an easy find. You might discover the perfect pair of functional hiking shoes but what if you’re not willing to settle for only function over fashion?

That’s where the Vasque Women's Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Hiking Boots come in. Not only are these shoes a favorite of serious hikers for their incredible traction, but they also come in various colors and even one color-combo with a hint of pink for the hiker who knows that pink belongs on a Scottsdale hiking trip just as much as any other color. 

Socks for those shoes

Can you guess which clothing item often goes unnoticed but can take center stage during a hike? Even the best hiking shoes can’t help you without a great pair of socks. While their name is a little clunky, the Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Front Range Print Crew Sock from Stance is anything but clunky when it comes to design. These socks offer beautiful colors and print while still being snug, tough, and made with mesh ventilation zones to keep your feet cool on warmer hikes. Who said hiking socks had to be boring?

Other hiking clothes

Pants made for hiking are important because they’re durability means they’ll last longer under the strain of rugged terrain and can also protect you from breaking skin if you take a tumble. Yet, hiking pants seem to all come from one khaki-obsessed designer with no regard for style. The Patagonia Pack Out Tights break the baggy and khaki hiking pants mold and replace it with their sleek but functional design. These pants are warmer and substantially more durable than yoga pants but still offer the soft and stretchy feel you love. These hiking pants will make a hike on the toughest Scottsdale trail feel like a walk in the park.

For a fashion-forward hiker, the market can seem like a parade of baggy brown and khaki items devoid of any aesthetic-minded design. Hiking in Scottsdale might take you to some rugged places but that doesn’t mean your hiking clothes have to look just as rugged. With these functional but fashionable items, you’ll be able to preserve the part of your personality that enjoys a well put together outfit while still embracing the mountaineer lifestyle you love.

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