Zoom meetings are the new normal with COVID-19

Fashion is a form of self expression, and for many, an outlet for creativity and comfort.

As virtual meetings and Zoom gathering become the new norm, the ability to dress to impress falls short, and the idea of buying new fashion pieces may seem a bit strange.

However, while new virtual formats have limited the way we can express ourselves, it has not completely diminished personal style and self expression. There are many ways women can work from home and still look put together and distinctive, and keeping a clean look despite staying home can help keep a productive mindset.

zoom meeting loren northLoren North

Loren North, personal shopper and stylist in Scottsdale, said it is vital for women to continue to establish a concise professional look for themselves, even when working from home.

Working from home on a permanent or semi-permanent basis is not the same as working from home when you're sick. It's crucial for mindset and productivity to get dressed for your job each day. How you dress now matters more than ever before because it's how you can differentiate yourself from your peers,” North said. 

While the typical work-from-home set up limits what others see to a tiny box, there is still opportunity to take a few extra steps in the morning and distinguish a professional appearance. Adding earrings and necklaces to an outfit can show effort, as well as add a fun flare to a professional look. This fall season, layered pearls, statement earrings and big gem accessories are in and are all easy additions for a Zoom-ready look. 

Clothing wise, it is important to focus on the upper part of the look. Pieces like blazers can easily pull together any look, and leather blazers in particular are extremely popular this fall. Shawls have also been seen frequently on the runway, and are the perfect work-from-home wardrobe addition because they are both comfortable, and fashionable. If you’re looking to make a statement, wearing a sleeve ,with more volume, such as a puffer sleeve, can be fun, bold, and big enough to stand out on Zoom.

Zoom meeting makeup

Another component to a strong professional appearance, while not 100% necessary for some, is a light and flattering makeup look. The camera has a tendency to highlight all the deep lines and dark spots, so using a medium/high coverage foundation can help smooth out the face. Adding a light blush can bring color to the face, and since it is fall, deeper toned lipstick can be a great highlight to a look, and make you stand out. 

Out of the camera's view, it is still important to keep a professional appearance because mindset is everything, North said. While it may seem silly to wear heels for working at home, taking the extra steps to feel put together can make all the difference in productivity.  

zoom meeting 3.jpg

North said, Always ask yourself, “ Is what you're wearing to work from home what you would wear to the office, to meet with a client or a meeting with colleagues?’ If the answer is no, then you shouldn't be wearing it for a virtual setting.”

By Megan Barbera
Scottsdale Digital Group



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