Painting of woman with face mask

OK, we’re kidding here, of course, but a little levity might keep us from going stir-crazy while hunkering in place. So we thought we’d look for face mask fashion statements to share.

We found a few.

Not sure what runway originated this look, whether it’s truly a fashion statement, a sign of the times, or just fooling around (we suspect the latter). Kind of diverts the eye from the clothing, no?

Runway model with face mask


While big galleries like the Louvre in Paris are shut down because of the coronavirus, if anyone was able to go, and then see the most famous painting there, this might be what they encounter:

Face mask and Mona Lisa


Makeshift face masks might also be a new fashion, hopefully ending with this current panic:


Face mask and scarve


And how are you supposed to make the face a full package with that in the way:


Face mask and makeup


Weddings and romance don’t stop (well, many weddings have been postponed) because of the coronavirus, they just look a bit different.


Face mask and romance



Face mask and wedding


If you have any face mask fashion statements, send them to us.

(Again, all in stay-at-home fun.)


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