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Mother Nature is slowly speeding up the steadfast tranquil energy of winter and carefully opening protective blockages to welcome the happy, hopping sunshine of spring. As the days start to become longer and warmer, we gradually become aroused by the lively and cheerful energy of the new season. We carefully put away our fuzzy gray sweaters, thick black jackets, and durable leather boots and make time for decluttering our environment, mind, and body to make space for the pinks, blues, yellows, and greens of budding new life.

By Kristina Cadwell

Spring is a season of renewal, birth and growth and the perfect time of year to place focus on "spring cleaning," or as I like to think of it, vital circulation. By focusing our attention on the circulation of new life, nutrients, waste, and energy within our living spaces, we allow ourselves to arouse innovative opportunities and repair those in need. Here are some of my favorite ways to welcome spring energy into my life:

1. Add sauna therapy to your wellness routine.

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My No. 1 Health Hack for 2022 is regular visits to the sauna. Sauna is a 2000-year-old tradition believed to have originated in Finland to encourage health and well-being worldwide. Kings, queens, Roman rulers and tzars are all known to have used heated rooms to promote health and wellness and enhance the quality of the skin membrane. Heat promotes vasodilation of the blood vessels, increasing circulation to support brain health, heart health and digestion. Your body's largest organ is the skin, and one of the best ways to keep this organ healthy is to sweat. Regular use of a sauna can enhance detoxification and promote faster muscle recovery by moving lactic acid. Use a sauna twice a week for 30 minutes for maximum benefits every week. I recommend starting with 15 minutes of heat followed by a two-to-ten-minute cool-down and a possible two-minute cold plunge. This can then be repeated to achieve a whole 30 minutes of heat therapy.

2. Declutter your living spaces.

declutteringDedicate one day a week this time of year to declutter your personal spaces. Desks, dressers, closets, and cars can become resting places for unnecessary items. The more we accumulate, the harder it is for energy to flow through effortlessly. Stagnant energy may work during the winter, but as the days grow longer, we will need to absorb the extra bounce of the nascent energy of Spring.

3. Fasting.

fastingFasting can be a form of medicine, and its healing potential is well-known and frequently employed by many cultures and religions around the world. When we take away fuel, the body will turn within for the calories required. Temporarily switching to this alternate fuel source can encourage the body to clean and repair broken DNA, move stagnant waste through the GI tract and enhance mental focus. With so many different versions of fasting on the market, it is essential to speak with a healthcare provider and choose the best program for your individual needs. At Vibrant Skin Bar, we utilize a medically supervised five-day fast to reset intention, clear the mind, reduce cravings, and encourage repair and renewal from within. The human body is capable of amazing things when we provide the appropriate environment, and fasting is a cheap and straightforward way to produce life-altering results.

4. Wake up earlier.

As the sun rises earlier in the day, so should we. Arizona is one of two states that does not change its clocks. Awakening with the sun starts a cascade of hormonal release that keeps the body tuned to its environment. Alertness during the day and repair mode at night prepare the body for the variability of life. We are the lucky few who get to adjust their circadian rhythm with the changing sun cycle slowly.

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5. IV Nutrition.

Warm weather and regular sauna use encourage sweating. It is important to rest and hydrate after sweating and replace lost electrolytes such as salt and potassium. These vital nutrients can be found in bananas, pretzels, watermelon, and IVs. Monthly IVs can be a great way to quickly rehydrate the body and give it the missing nutrients it needs while bypassing the stomach for optimal absorption. At Vibrant Skin Bar we have several different IVs to choose from and can easily combine it with a facial or treatment if you are pressed for time.

When we focus on circulation and flow during Spring, we enjoy the fresh nutrients and excitable energy of the season. Decluttering our home, body, and mind makes space for new opportunities that encourage us to live within a frequency of unlimited potential. Sweat out the toxins of yesterday, donate the clothes that no longer serve you, and welcome the nutrients and flow of abundance and health into your life. If you need help choosing a fasting program, need advice on the best sauna therapy for your lifestyle, or need to cool off in a cryotherapy unit after enjoying the warmth of the desert, visit us at Vibrant Skin Bar.


kristina cadwell sized 250Kristina Cadwell, M.S., PA-C, founder and CEO of Vibrant Skin Bar & Vibrant Vitality Clinic in Arcadia, is a wellness leader with more than 17 years in family practice and medical aesthetics. She also is a certified instructor in a myriad of treatments, delivering aesthetic and wellness care through comprehensive diet and healthy living practices that result in vibrant skin.


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