Be vibrant in 2022

"Vibrant" is a powerful word, meaning full of life, pulsating energy. A vibrant person is kinetic, in motion, electric. They see the big picture, and people around them are drawn to their contagious positive energy. Vibrant people are leaders without speaking and role models without ego.

But we also have those who seem to take our energy, only to expend it on more negativity. We may love them equally, but we are drawn to those who recharge us. Energy and passion beget more energy and passion.

By Kristina Cadwell

A vibrant life requires hard work, persistence, consistency, and flexibility. To be vibrant, you must hear the voice of intuition, follow and respect the laws of mother nature and sit back and enjoy the innate variability of life.

Here are five things you can do to become more Vibrant in 2024.

Note your Intuition


People often shrug off intuition or replace it with modern technology. We were all born with ancestral cellular knowledge. Over the years, the experiences of our ancestors have strengthened our ability to adapt. When we quiet ourselves, we can hear those echoes from the past and avoid situations and habits that cause harm. Our intuition is not always correct, far from it. But ignore it at your peril. For example, intuition can help us accurately choose foods and experiences that promote wellness and growth and synergistically move us towards a more holistic position. The word “heal” means "to be whole." Tap into your inner book of knowledge passed down from the ages. Intuition is not infallible but often, it will serve you well.

Appreciate and Own Your Uniqueness


Where you are, who you are, at this moment, is exactly where and who you should be. We all contribute to our families, society, and our organizations in unique and substantial ways. Recognize and celebrate your uniqueness and your contribution to the whole. For instance, what would happen if your lung cell suddenly decided it didn't want to be a lung cell any longer? Perhaps, it pines to be a heart cell. So, your lung cell begins to neglect its duties and attempts to act more like a heart cell. Similarly, suppose one of your stomach cells wakes up one day and decides it no longer wants to digest food. After all, digestion takes a lot of guts, and, in the end, most things turn out smelly. So, instead, the stomach cell sleeps in, wallowing on the fact that lung cells seem to have it so much better. The surrounding cells of the rogue lung and stomach cells would do their best to compensate, for sure. But if the pattern continues, the cells that go "rogue" will eventually become cancer cells, and disease will ineluctably prevail.

When we do not recognize our unique role in this world, when we fail to appreciate our unique gifts, when we fail to be grateful for what we do have and have accomplished, we essentially guarantee that we will never reach our full potential. Our intentions need to align with achieving our unique full potential, and our mission in life is to be our best, not a second or third-rate version of someone else.

Be the Light

be the light

Walt Disney had a sign over the Disneyland break room exit that said, "It's Showtime!" I think about this every time I walk through the doors of Vibrant Skin Bar. Firstly, Showtime reminds me that I must step forward and put myself out there. Preparation is vital, but at some point, you must trust yourself and your preparation and put that to good work. And secondly, it reminds me that I am a complex human being with a palette to select from concerning my effort and focus. When I walk through those office doors, I intentionally keep the past in the past, stay focused on the present, and dial my energy to full throttle.

Show Up

show up

Consistency, dedication, and persistence are key players of success. History shows us you don't have to be the smartest, strongest, or the fastest to win. If you are persistent, consistent, and flexible, you will gain a clear vision along the way, enabling you to adapt and succeed. Regardless of what is or is not happening – show up. If you always get up, it matters not how many times you fall. 

Laugh (a lot).

Women laughing

There is a time and place to be serious. But try not to take yourself too seriously. Try to find humor, especially in those situations when you expose to the world that you are only human. Laughter is medicine. When we laugh, we release protective hormones, suffer fewer colds, enjoy lower blood pressure, and reduce our cortisol production. Laughter makes us resilient, and resilience is a recipe for vibrancy.


The year 2021 came with many challenges, and together we fearlessly faced them and became stronger and wiser. We still have a lot of work to do, but that has always been the case. We are at the top of the food chain, and with that power comes a lot of responsibility. We all have a unique role in the big picture, and when we give 110% and place value on consistency, intuition, vision, and laughter, we become vibrant.


Kristina CadwellKristina Cadwell, M.S., PA-C, founder and CEO of Vibrant Skin Bar & Vibrant Vitality Clinic in Arcadia, is a wellness leader with more than 17 years in family practice and medical aesthetics. She also is a certified instructor in a myriad of treatments, delivering aesthetic and wellness care through comprehensive diet and healthy living practices that result in vibrant skin.


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