Rainbow above sand in Maui

When air travel becomes doable again, a getaway that can be as active or relaxing as you like is Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands. In addition to fabulous beaches and fancy resorts, it has hiking, water sports, restaurants, shopping, and temperate weather. Here are images of Maui before travel restrictions.


Maui waterfall off hiking trail

Maui has great hikes and hundreds of waterfalls that make for a relaxing respite. (Hal DeKeyser)

Jumping off rock into water, Maui Black Rock Beach

At Black Rock Beach (and many other places) in Maui you can see divers jump off the rock and parasailers and snorkel to view huge sea tortoises. (Hal DeKeyser)

 Sunrise from Haleakala National Park

One requirement for Maui visitors is to drive up to Haleakala National Park to see the sunrise. It's so popular you'll need ticket reservations. (Hal DeKeyser)


Maui kids playing in the water

The water is warm for kids playing in it, and there are plenty of beaches to go around. (Hal DeKeyser)


Rainbow over church, Maui

They don't call Hawaii the Rainbow State for nothing. (Hal DeKeyser)



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