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Lips not only are a most compelling and essential element of the face and makeup, they’re also considered one of the most delicate parts of the human anatomy.

Most women would love to have sexy, pouty lips that glow, and balms and lipstick will highlight healthy and supple lips to make your face more attractive. But to achieve this glow, you need to take care of your lips properly.

No matter how full and shapely your lips may be, if they are dry and parched, it can quickly spoil a beautiful smile. Even if you apply cosmetics to make those lips more kissable, it is always necessary to keep your lips looking healthy. A healthy diet plays an important roles in keeping lips plump and moist. Aside from it, your lips need regular attention to maintain their pink look.

Tips to Get Luscious Lips.

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Early morning, you may consider brushing your lips softly with a baby brush. Alternately, you can also massage your lips with finger tips in gentle clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. These improve circulation and remove dead skin. Apply a lip balm afterwards to keep your lips moist.

Before going to bed, you may apply a good lip moisturizer on your lips. This helps in arresting moisture throughout the night, keeping your lips supple and soft.

If you want to go herbal you may consider applying equal quantity of coconut and almond oil on your lips before bed. Clean it off in the morning with lukewarm water.

Summer and Winter Treatments

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The Arizona sun, particularly in summer, exposes your lips too much sunlight to protect dryness of lips. Before heading outside, make sure you guard your lips with a high quality moisturizer coupled with sunscreen.

If you’re heading for the ski slopes in the winter, consider applying half a teaspoon of glycerin mixed with half a teaspoon of castor oil. Apply this mixture regularly before going to bed to help your lips stay supple and smooth.

Natural and Cosmetics Solutions

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If you want pink lips, then you might add fresh beet root juice on your lips regularly before going to bed. It is considered an effective solution for dark lips.

Always invest in quality cosmetics as cheap products might contain leads and other harmful ingredients that can darken and dry your lips. Using cheap quality cosmetics can also affect your health permanently.

Avoid caffeine and smoking, which can cause dehydration and skin darkening.

To avoid dryness, don’t lick your lips. And drink plenty of water every day as that helps store body hydration and keep lips moist. Also to maintain a radiant look, there is no substitute for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Only soft and healthy lips can give you that natural glowing smile. Pucker up and keep those lips healthy and sexy!

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