makeup for women with glasses

The put-together Scottsdale woman who wears glasses has to put a little more thought into the daily makeup application. Added cosmetic challenges require different solutions than our friends with perfect vision. Follow these six tips, and you will look flawless every day.

1. Match Your Eye Look to Your Frames

match glasses to eyes

Before you begin applying eye makeup, consider how it will look with your frames. If your frames are chunky and edgy, you can go all out on dark shadows, thick eyeliner and heavy mascara and it won’t look out of place. More delicate frames require a subtler look, with neutral shadows and minimal liner.

2. Curl Your Lashes

Lash curler

Nothing is more annoying than having your lashes bump against your lenses every time you blink. You can avoid this issue with the help of an eyelash curler. This tool may look like it’s designed for torture, but it is simple to use and will give your lashes a curl that lasts all day. That extra curl will keep your lashes from touching your lenses.

3. Dab Some Primer On Your Nose

Primer makeup

That one spot on the bridge of your nose where your frames sit can drive any woman crazy with constantly having to reapply powder where it has been rubbed off. You can combat this frustration by applying a little eyeshadow primer to that spot. Eye primer has a unique formula that creates a barrier between your skin and shadow to make it last all day. This barrier also works as a buffer between your foundation and frames, meaning you won’t have to drive yourself crazy powdering every half hour.

4. Your Prescription Matters

Woman glasses, prescription matters

The strength of your prescription should dictate what eye look you go for. If you are farsighted, your lenses will make your eyes look bigger and show every fine line. Women with this type of prescription should take extra time to make sure their eye looks are perfect. If you are nearsighted, your lenses will make your eyes appear to recede. In that case, you can choose bolder colors that bring your eyes back to being the center of attention.

5. Switch to Brightening Concealer

woman glasses brightening concealer

If you are prone to dark circles, wearing glasses can make the problem worse. The shadow cast by the frames makes your under eyes appear darker than they actually are. Combat this problem by trading in your regular concealer for one that brightens. You can set it with a brightening powder for extra effect.

. Use a Setting Spray

Setting spray

Women who wear glasses on a regular basis know the frustration of having their perfectly applied foundation rub off on their frames. You can avoid this by using a good setting spray over your whole face directly after you apply your makeup. This will keep everything in place for hours.

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